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Next-Generation Orange Stem Cell Technology

Orange Stem Cells: the magical ingredient everyone is falling in love with.

Combining the potency of Vitamin C with Orange Stem Cells, we developed our flagship product, The Brightening Potion.  Our study showed a 10% reduction in wrinkles while boosting skin radiance, firmness and silkiness.

Collagen Superfood

Heals your eyes
  • Increases circulation around the eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • Fights free radicals and UV sun damage
  • Enhances skin’s moisture levels and restore flexibility
  • Dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles by tightening and firming skin

Brightening Potion

Brightens dark spots and discoloration
  • Helps restore skin elasticity - repair years of damage
  • Assists with the stimulation of collagen production
  • Restores firmness and youthfulness to skin elasticity
  • Prevents formation of free radicals
  • Plumps skin cells for a visibly even skin texture and tone

Wrinkle Fighter

Energize skin with ultra hydration
  • Fights oxidation and free radicals
  • Triggers cell communication and stimulates collagen production
  • Increases blood circulation for improved elasticity
  • Moistens and hydrates skin for an overall smoother look
  • Shrinks pores and removes impurities

I started using the Brightening Potion and noticed results right away.  The Orange Stem Cells in the serum are wonderful!  Also this serum smells citrusy and natural.

Trisha M.

I love how each product has plays a big role in improving my skin.  With the Collagen Superfood, my eyes look like they actually got eight hours of sleep. I use the Wrinkle Fighter both day and night, it is lightweight enough so I can put makeup on afterwards too. Overall, I love each product individually, but all together, they have done a nice job improving my skin.

Sarah M.

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The Liz Milano Collection

Get luxury skincare, without the luxury price tag

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American,  Cruelty-Free 🐇 and Vegan🍃

Who is Liz Milano?

Inspired by our mother.  We're two sons that banded together through a common passion - a passion for wellness

Liz was started because our mother was complaining about how fed up she was with other skincare brands.  Either she found a product that was incredible, but so expensive, or a product thats affordable, but contained fillers and toxic ingredients.  So, we rolled up our sleeves, and worked closely with dermatologists, chemists and estheticians to create an amazing, affordable product line that would normally costs hundreds of dollars.

Welcome to our shop, feel free to take a look around, and we're so happy to have you here. 

Liz Milano Team

We don't like premature aging, so how does Liz Milano help you?

Phase 1: Heal

The first two weeks is what we call heal and repair phase. The Liz Milano Brightening Potion, Wrinkle Fighter and Collagen Superfood supply the skin cells with essential healing nutrients derived from natural ingredients. It dramatically improves the skin’s internal immune function by increasing cellular mitochondrial activity.

Phase 2: Regenerate

The next phase helps with cellular regeneration. Collagen and elastin are proteins that give your skin that youthful and healthy bounce. Clinical trials have shown Liz Milano's Brightening Potion helps with the stimulation of more collagen and elastin production at the cellular level. The Collagen Superfood  helps your skin reduce skin inflammation and heals damaged skin cell membranes.

Phase 3: Protect

Liz Milano's Wrinkle Fighter is formulated with powerful antioxidants and nutrients designed to protect against toxins, pollution and free radicals which reduces oxidative stress. The moisturizer creates and maintains a protective barrier that fights against harmful effects of toxins, pollution, UV rays and brittle skin. Think of it as a shield created by your own skin using powerful and natural ingredients
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People love Liz Milano

We're donating 10% of our proceeds to fight COVID-19

Each and everyone of us has a duty to stop this virus.  Liz Milano is here to help.

We're donating 10% of our proceeds to the Direct Relief, an organization focused on getting essential medical supplies to doctors, nurses and anyone else on the front line helping save lives against COVID-19.

Liz Milano is a Florida based company.  It's estimated over 28% of our population is over 60.  We need to protect them to the best of our ability.  Whether it through donations, social distancing, or thoughts and prayers, every ounce of effort is needed.

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Then, we took our Brightening Potion, and built an amazing skincare regiment around it